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Master Post-Processing in Photoshop (From Absolute PS Beginner to Pro)

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Have some basic knowledge and skills in Blender I but having a hard time achieving higher quality professional works in post with Photoshop

Don't have a lot of time filtering free tutorials/content on Youtube to uplift your Photoshop skills

Don't know where to learn post processing workflow in Photoshop in the right way.

Well, you are in the right place!!!

This course is designed for Blender Artists who need to bring CG images to the next level

Please Note:


Basic Blender skills are highly recommended

If you are an absolute beginner in Blender, we highly recommend starting with a beginner course:

Blender 3.0 Master Class for Product Photographers & Designers (From Absolute Beginner to Pro)

Please consider to enroll this course if you are one of these people:

  1. Blender Artists who are stuggeling learning Photoshop for post-processing work
  2. Blender Artists who feel confused by the overwhelmed information about Photoshop trainings online and do not know where to start learning Photoshop for CG renders
  3. My Youtube subscribers have been asking me to do an Photoshop post-processing course 😊

Private Facebook Group with Wenbo Zhao

This course also includes a private Facebook invite to a small CGI community directly connected to the instructor "Wenbo Zhao". We can discuss popular topics and common challenges while you learning Blender. and of course, any nerd talk regarding CGI is welcomed😎, nothing beats a community that you love.

Some Feedback from my Youtube Subscribers:

"I just discovered your channel today. I'm learning a lot! Your videos and your whole channel are amazing! Thank You so much!"

"I have reviewed all your videos, you are doing something that many people do not do. I think in the future you will have at least a million subscribers"

“I just finished your modeling masterclass. I’m actually really happy that I went though all the exercises and learned a few new tips and methods for modeling many different shapes. Seriously can’t wait for your texturing. When do you think you’ll be ready to release”


Wenbo Zhao is a Sydney-based professional product photographer and CGI artist. With over ten years of photography experience, Wenbo is bringing something very different to the Blender community, bridging the gap between CGI and digital photography and promoting photorealistic CGI product renders. His new Blender tutorial Youtube channel hit 14K subscribers within the first year, this is breathtaking!

Not sure about my teaching style or content? Why not start watching some free Blender tutorials on my Youtube Channel:

List of Content:

Part 1: Photoshop Intro & Concepts

00 Hardware and Software Intro

01 Workspace and Layer Concept

02 Selection and Pen tool

03 Adjusment Layers and Layer Modes

04 Shadow Creation, Smart Object and Filters

05 Noise, Sharpen and Action

06 Color Managment

Part 2: Case Studies:

Watch Case study 01

Watch Case study 02

Cosmetic Case study 03

Cosmetic Case study 04

Part 3:

-Exclutive Photoshop Workspace & Actions from Wenbo Zhao

-Support Files

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You'll get: 3 hours of video content, all Photoshop Actions, PSD File, Blender files and other support files and more

Video Format
Full HD, Instant Streaming
Software require
Photoshop 2021 or above
Total Length
3 hours


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Master Post-Processing in Photoshop (From Absolute PS Beginner to Pro)

2 ratings
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